The Opening Night Fetish Fashion Extravaganza Opens The 13th Annual NY FETISH MARATHON

Submission_Von_Gutenberg_nyc_900x550As part of the infamous NY FETISH MARATHON (celebrating its lucky 13th year in 2015), happening in the great city of Manhattan May 27th – May 31st, 2015, Von Gutenberg and Robert Frost’s Submission South Beach team-up to present the Opening Night Fetish Fashion Extravaganza.

The fun starts at 10pm 5/28@310 Bowery, NYC. A call to alternative fashion aficionados, lifestyle dress mavens (be one male, female or trans) and even just the heavily NYC socially-networked partiers are welcomed to wiggle into their very best wardrobe of Latex/Leather, Pvc/Vinyl, Cyber/Steam Punk, Goth/Punk, Fetish Glam. Featuring a live performance by the stunning Raquel Reed and music by D.J. Xris Smack! this get together will surely prove a one-of-a-kind kick-off to an entire wild weekend. Those who have been on hand the past decade of the NY FETISH MARATHON are well aware of what happens at this pre-summer couple of days and the Opening Night Fetish Fashion Extravaganza will serve as the sexy start to all the fun.

Coming off the spectacular success of their recent VON GUTENBERG FETISH FASHION BALL this past February (the first true see-and-be-scene event of 2015), Erik Von Gutenberg and Robert Frost are confident that fans and fashionistas alike will revel in the good time they will be presenting at the end of this month. Through Von Gutenberg Latex Fashion Magazine and online portal, combined with the reach of the powerful Submission South Beach, Erik and Robert present events that at once empower their lifestyle community as well as provide a not-to-be-missed good time. And that the Opening Night Fetish Fashion Extravaganza is happening at the very beginning of this year’s NY FETISH MARATHON, in the great crunchy sweet Big Apple, makes it a party you need to get yourself to!

Find more information about the Opening Night Fetish Fashion Extravaganza here.