Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014

MFW2014HibikiEric Paradis is doing it again: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014:

► JOIN ENTHUSIASTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Experience your fantasy holiday in a true fetish-friendly city.

► ENJOY EXCITING THEMED EVENTS : fetish photo tour . dining . shopping . after-parties, workshops and much more during 6 days and nights of kinky delights!

► ALL ACCESS PASSES include all sanctioned after-parties, workshops, fetish lounge as well as VIP exclusive activities and privileges (on sale January 1st)

► REDUCED HOTEL RATES : In-hotel after-parties, workshops and fetish lounge. All events and activities are located walking distance. (pricing announced January)

► DRESS CODE : leather, latex, cyber, cosplay, pvc, sexy, gothic, glam, lolita, wet-look, manga, animé, uniforms, military, schoolgirl, nurse, corsets, lingerie, Xdress … let the light shine on you… you are the star… dazzle and turn heads!





Von Gutenberg Magazine will cover the event again of course and it will be amazing, can’t wait for 2014 in Montreal!

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