Burlesque Map London, Issue #3 – Costumes, Corsets & Cabaret

Burlesque Map London Issue #3PictureRama Publishing presents the 3rd edition of their infamous lifestyler’s listings. Burlesque Map London, Issue # 3 is a chock-full updated directory for performers and shows in London and around Europe, featuring a listing of all things burlesque, retro, alternative and downright kinky. The map, in its 3rd year of printing, is the ultimate guide for those looking to bolster their interest of all things glamour, vintage and fetish.

Burlesque Map London boats an especial interest in burlesque tourism. Many shows of this exciting rare art occur in and out of London. Fans can catch performances all throughout Europe, enjoying not just the ladies of burlesque but the rich culture of the cities they perform in.

All anyone needs is this one Map: fantasy couture shopping can be found down one pathway, an entree to personal and special learning opportunities with highly trained professionals down another, great venues hosting lifestyle events can be discovered down yet another.

Whether you are looking for sexy feminine lingerie, out-of-the-way cafés, gallery showing, and all those special parties you simply cannot miss this year save yourself hours of internet research. Opt for the most trustworthy of lifestyle publication, the Burlesque Map London, Issue #3.

Copies of Burlesque Map London can be purchased for just £4 (worldwide p&p included) in our online shop at: www.burlesquemap.co.uk

This unique publication is also available in some carefully selected shops, cabaret, bars, clubs and hotels, in London and other national and worldwide outlets.

For other global information on latex, lifestyle & fantasy couture log on to: http://vongutenberg.com/



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