The Blood Manor Halloween Haunt in NYC

outside blood manorYes, it is that time of year again and Blood Manor is opening its doors bidding you welcome…if you dare enter. From Oct. 3rd to Nov. 8th experience naughty scares, hair-raising chills and just about all the horror you can handle at NYC’s premier haunt. We have it on good authority from a personal relationship with one of the ghouls who reside at the manor that this haunting experience is unlike any you are likely to ever live through.
Yes, far and wide this season you can find yourself in a wide variety of scary attractions, from haunted corn mazes to make-shift prefab Haunted Houses to prisons converted for the month of Oct. Across the country there are scary attractions of various level of intensity, but Blood Manor is a one-of-a-kind experience where just about everybody comes to get the ever-loving everything scared out of them…and usually come back for more over the season. In fact the Manor has done so well over the years it celebrated a decade of operation this year and sees the return of daring doers each year.Stairs
A dedicated talented crew, from performers to artisans to builders to administrative staff rally together well before Halloween to bring a place like this alive…with their faux dead. Blood Manor has seen tons of men and women scurry through its rooms for ten years now, quite often enjoying celebrity visits (you never know who you might see standing right next to you screaming like a little girl!) and with “Touch Me Thursdays” and “Black Out Fridays” there are even theme nights to amp-up the thrills.
The Manor is located at 163 Varick Street, in NYC, its website here. Steel your nerve and bolster your courage for what awaits you at Blood Manor. It’s a very good time to be sure.


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