Sakura debuts @ DJ Chriss Vargas birthday at Pacha’s 7th Annual Voodoo Rave

This week we step aside to let the ultra-sexy performance artist/singer/model/provocateur Madam Marvelous log-in a report on what was quite the event to have attended. Yes, on the FEL space here at Von Gutenberg we try to illuminate you to what is happening across the world. Be it a latex fashion show, an alternative underground get-to-gether, gallery showing or in the case of what follows a musical/dance pairing that sounds super hot, super fun and just all around super: the debut of dance artist Sakura at DJ Chriss Vargas’ birthday/show at Pacha’s 7th annual Voodoo Rave on Governor Island in NYC.
I’ll let M/M. take it from here:

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Colombian powerhouse DJ, producer and Pacha mainstay, Chriss Vargas celebrated his birthday at Pacha’s 7th annual Voodoo Rave on Governor’s Island this past Saturday. The only way on and off the island is via ferry, so one could say this ultra-hip gathering was truly for the committed party practicioner. Yes, the VMA’s were Sunday night, but this felt like a true gathering of the faithful then just the usual viewing by millions of video watchers and Beyoncé fans…and it certainly was.
Vargas always shares his stage with numerous entertainers, this year that sharing included having blossoming dance artist Sakura up to give a blisteringy committed debut stage performance. And committed is certainly what many in the audience were after witnessing this enchantress casting her spell and control. The crowd was with her every step of the way as she did her ‘thang’ on Vargas’ “I Control You (Voodoo)” and “Dirty Wonderland”. Even in this dark themed evilicious event, the light of Sakura shone brightly, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability as an artist. In the high-energy certainly deliciously twisted hard dark beat land created Saturday (and whenever Pacha exists) for Sakura to have garnered such notice and great response is a great compliment indeed.

You’ll see more of Madam Marvelous in issue #9 of Von Gutenberg, for now though, see (and hear) more of this stunning talented lady here:
For all things Chriss Vargas go here.
And to get to know Sakura, go to Instagram @sa_ku_ra_music (photo credit here as well.)

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Torture Garden Montreal, Cirque De Boudoir’s VIII Anniversary, TEMPLE OF KINK

Torture Garden Montreal invites one and all to a one-in-a-lifetime Cirque De Boudoir celebration, TEMPLE OF KINK.
Cirque De Boudoir’s VIII Anniversary will take the form of a grand fetish get together “TEMPLE OF KINK” on 9/12 at the Appollon.

This event is a ‘sound the trumpet’s call’ for clear debouched kink theme happenings presented in Montreal over eight years by this most lifestyle of groups. The Apollon (145o Ste-Catherine East) is one of the city’s best clubs (it actually used to be a post office!) and is nicknamed ‘The temple’ for its decor inspired by the legendary Parthenon in Athens. What better place to celebrate the near decade existence of such a unique organization.

The details are as follows:
CDB VIII – TEMPLE OF KINK will feature amazingly sexy performances & entertainment, a great DJ lineup, super hot CDB gogo dancer boys & girls, awesome sound & lighting, thematic decor, and lots of kinky fun with a fully equipped dungeon!

The festivities start Friday, September 12 at 9:00pm in EDT.

Club RUB presents “Uniforms”

Club RUB says “Attention…Get your arses to the coolest event in town.” On August 16th the infamous fetish group will hold a “Uniform-themed” party (from 10:30 to 4am) at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. CR is calling all soldiers, maids, air hosts and hostess, sailors, nurses (you get the idea) to come one come all to the party. Of course these are only suggestions for what to wear, they are not compulsory. One might see (or dress as) a pirate, wench or any and all fetish clothing for the Club RUB party, as partiers are always welcomed to wear. But streetwear or ‘normal’ clothes aren’t allowed.
Why would you attend a Club RUB event and not dress-up though? Come on, you know what a fetish event is all about, don’t you?
On hand at this Club RUB get together: Miss Scorpion and Goddess Cleo will again watch-over and enforce the rules of the party’s super equipped dungeon; the space is air conditioned, making The Garage the “coolest fetish venue” in London in many ways; there will be a blood red leather studded paddle given to the ‘Best Dressed’ man or woman; resident candy-girl Discotits will have her delicious tit-bits on show (per usual); DJ’s Rob Parish & Peter Andrews (Dirty Minds) will be spinning the best in house music.
You can follow Club RUB on Twitter or Facebook. Club RUB also gives workshops and classes and of course presents these parties all the time; they truly are one of the main fetish social communities in the U.K.
Von Gutenberg has always supported Club RUB events here on our FEL and in our magazine. See our issue #8 here for a rundown of past events (Club RUB and others) as well as our sexy models, provocative art work, fiction, all the usual great stuff you get from us.
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